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Julie Miller

Julie Miller, MSW, is a Research Associate at The MIT AgeLab and an Adjunct Instructor at Northeastern University. She is a gerontological social worker by degree, a service-learning facilitator by training, and a mixed media research methods enthusiast by hobby. She brings a deep study and commitment to social justice to her work.

Julie received her Masters in Social Work with a concentration in Gerontology from The University of California, Berkeley, and her Bachelors of Science from Northeastern University, where she studied Human Services and American Sign Language. The following roles are highlights from her tenure in direct service and research:  Medical Social Work Trainee at Stanford Medical Center, Clinical Research-Based Yoga Instructor at Kaiser Division of Research, Research Assistant at The University of Connecticut Center on Aging, Program Director of Oakland Community Builders, Director of Outreach for Social Change through Peace Games, and Support Service Provider at The Deaf-Blind Contact Center of Boston. She has a strong background in clinical case management with homeless and low-income older adults, volunteer coordination, and activity management with people of all ages in a variety of settings. Her work and travels have taken her far and wide, including India, Thailand, East and West Africa, Central America, the Middle East, Europe, as well as locally in the United States.

Julie is the director and producer of “Vibrant Aging” and “Vibrant Aging: Despite Everything,” both nationally-screened films spurring new conversation about aging in America. Julie’s films are fueled by her vision of innovative programming, aimed at enriching health, connections, and meaning in later life. Her training, employment, and over 5,000 hours of volunteer community service with people of all ages and backgrounds is woven into the creation of “Breaking the Ice,” an elder-driven activities-based curriculum designed to deepen connections and build vibrant communities among older adults.

E-mail Julie at jmiller1@mit.edu.


2 thoughts on “About Julie

  1. Suzanne Baer, PhD says:

    I am so proud to be Julie’s great Aunt (at the very least fifty plus years older than she). I study and am living aging while Julie makes my world a better place to be OLD! Love from Auntsue

  2. Tom says:

    This is typical of the outstanding insights that Juie continually shares.

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